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Points to Remember when Accused of Felony Charges

No matter what crime one might be charged with, a felony is a serious matter. If an individual is convicted of a felony, he/she is likely to be imposed with imprisonment, fines, and penalties. To avoid any serious consequences related to a felony, it is necessary to undertake proper steps from the very beginning. While being charged with one or multiple felony charges Virginia offers several felony-specialist attorneys.

The Right to Remain Silent

The American Fifth Amendment gives its citizens the right to refuse to incriminate in a criminal case. The easiest method to avoid incriminating is to remain silent. If one finds himself/herself in custody, he/she can refuse to answer that questions. One can politely refuse to answer anything without the presence of a lawyer. There is no need to act violently with the police to exercise the right to remain silent. The convict can be vocal about his choice of exercising the Fifth Amendment Right Act.

Stay polite and calm

Being arrested and placed under police custody is one of the most difficult times in one’s life, especially when there is a wrongful arrest. Being questioned by authorities can be scary and frustrating at the same time and keeping one’s cool is challenging. If there is a wrongful arrest, and one’s rights have been violated, it is still not recommended to argue with the police and resist the arrest. This can arise in additional charges and things might become complicated.

Contact the lawyer immediately

Contacting an attorney is one of the crucial steps that one must practice when convicted of a felony charge. It is of utmost importance to hire a criminal defense lawyer the moment one is accused of a felony. The attorney is well aware of all the necessary steps required to plea not guilty and he/she will always act in the interest of his/her client. When accused of several felony charges, Virginia lawyers are considered to be the best in their field of criminal defense.

Being honest with the attorney

It is vital for the criminal defense attorney to have knowledge and information about the case. This helps him/her to prepare the case with the best defense properly. Hence, it is suggested that the accused must be 100% honest with his/her attorney throughout the felony criminal proceeding. The information shared with the attorney is confidential and therefore the accused shouldn’t be afraid to speak the truth. If there is a situation where the attorney leaks the personal information of his/her client, appropriate disciplinary action is taken. The more accurate the information is, the better defense is prepared.


A felony charge is a serious accusation and it can impact one’s life significantly. Henceforth, it becomes extremely essential to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Being charged with felony charges Virginia doesn’t let loose hopes for accused individuals. One can get hold of experienced, and skilled attorneys at a cost-effective price. With the right lawyer, the wrongful accusations and arrests can be reversed and the accused can return to his/her normal life.

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