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Why the Law Is definitely an Ass?

Are you aware there’s a saying known as “the Law is definitely an ass”? It comes from an British proverb which likens the law’s stubbornness and stupidity towards the supposed innate nature of the donkey. Charles Dickens popularised it in the novel “Oliver Twist” where Mr. Bumble is told inside a court in reference to his domineering wife that “… the law supposes that the wife functions beneath your direction”, replies:

“When the law supposes that,” stated Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically both in hands, “the law is definitely an ass – a fool”.

I believe, the law becomes an ass since the idol judges, lawyers, and solicitors don’t stick to the spirit from the law. They’re only worried about the letter from the law.

Our politicians are extremely proficient at making new laws and regulations constantly since it provides them the look of acting positive and seeking to resolve an issue. By doing this, they don’t permit the truth that once the lawyers and idol judges use the law, just the letter from the law is adopted rather than the spirit. It results in contradiction oftentimes where all of the ethical and moral factors are lost. Thus the law becomes an ass.

We have seen this for action in each and every bureaucratic institution everywhere and also at all amounts of government. This means that individuals employed in that situation aren’t permitted to make use of their good sense or reason using their brains. This type of person being trained to think inside a particular way and trained that you follow the letter from the law. Would you understand that whenever the first is working under these conditions unless of course one understands it, one unwittingly turns into a zombie?

Within the recent situation of Isreal Folau and Rugby Australia, an ethical and ethical dilemma has come to light because each side have claimed their correctness based on the letter from the law.

Israel Folau claims he continues to be discriminated against and unfairly sacked by Rugby Australia due to his faith.

Since Rugby Australia is really a bureaucratic organisation which could only think with regards to the letter from the law, they’d to locate Folau in breach of contract to sack him. There wasn’t any other option simply because they adopted the letter from the law.

To apply the law, Rugby Australia did what most bureaucratic organisations do, display their authority and employ bullying tactics. They cautioned Folau and threatened him with dismissal to ensure that he might bow for their demands. Under individuals conditions, how does one feel should you be in Folau’s position? Can you not dig inside your heels?

Thus there’s an example in which the letter from the law is used, with no ethical and moral shown to someone who hadn’t committed any crime, to create him undergo their requirements.

Lately within the Queensland Courier-Mail of seven May 2019, there is a study entitled “Music legend felt ‘violated'” printed. Diana Ross “was near to tears like a security guard felt between her legs throughout an airport terminal pat-lower”. “I had been treated like s..t”. “Makes me wish to cry.” “It isn’t that which was done, but exactly how,” she was adamant. “However, a TSA spokesman stated that Closed-circuit television footage made an appearance to exhibit the officials involved ‘correctly’ adopted all protocols”.

Once again, was a good example of how bureaucratic handling of the situation can lead to traumatising a person. Not to mention, the paperwork always goes scotfree simply because they always act inside the letter from the law. Underneath the protection from the law, a typical person subconsciously or consciously has a tendency to feel more effective and superior thus, there’s a probability of authority being mistreated.

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