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The Many Faces of a Family Lawyer

Law is a very complex affair, so much so that it is divided into many fields, with lawyers that focus on one specific field, such is the complexity. Examples of this include criminal law, corporate law, property law and, the subject of this article, family law.

Here are just a few of the services provided by an established family law firm.

  • Divorce & separation – Divorce can be a messy business and you are strongly advised to seek out the services of the best family lawyer in your area. You can be sure that your partner is seeking legal advice, which is even more of a reason to do the same. An experienced family lawyer fully understands how the system works when two people file for divorce and always has the client’s best interests at heart.
  • Last Will & Testament – We should all write a will, a legally binding document that details what should happen to your estate in the event of your death. Some people mistakenly think that there is no point in writing a will because everything will automatically go to their partner; what you should know is that the Australian laws used to determine asset division are ancient and things might not pan out as you would expect. Making a will pretty much ensures that your estate will be divided according to your wishes.
  • Pre-nuptial agreement – The majority of people who marry a second time, prefer to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement that details the division of assets. It makes total sense to clarify what assets are joint and what are considered the property of one party, especially when one or both parties have significant assets prior to entering into the relationship.
  • Child custody/support – When a marriage ends and there are children involved, child custody and support must be agreed upon by both parties. Whether you plan to have custody or it is your partner who will have the children, you need to engage the services of a family lawyer.
  • Inheritance issues – When a person dies and their assets are shared among family, it isn’t always cut and dried; one party, for example, might have expected to be left a lot more than they actually received and this can be grounds to contest the will. In the event you feel you were not treated fairly in a deceased family member’s will, contact a local family lawyer and they can tell you whether it is worth your while to officially contest the will.
  • Domestic violence – Sadly, the instances of domestic violence in Australia are on the rise and if you are a victim of domestic violence, you should contact a family lawyer as soon as possible. The legal professional can obtain a restraining order that prohibits the perpetrator from coming near you and that can actually be done outside of court hours.

Family law is a broad subject and all of the above services are offered by a family law firm; search online for a local practice, should you be in need of their services.

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