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The Difference Between Slip and Fall vs. Trip and Fall

Personal Injury Protection or PIP is a form of no-fault auto insurance. PIP was originally included in auto insurance legislation to help injured drivers with medical coverage. Accident victims have immediate access to these funds. Accident victims don’t have to go through the legal process to establish fault, which can take several months or more in some cases.

Even if the victim was at fault, personal injury protection covers them. Personal injury protection provides financial support for certain passengers, children, and household members. A passenger who is traveling in an accident-affected vehicle will have their injury coverage activated and available.

Florida law requires that all motor vehicle owners purchase personal injury coverage at a minimum of $10,000.

Why Florida Personal Injury Protection is Important

There are many reasons personal injury protection insurance is important. Personal injury protection insurance is more than just a legal requirement. PIP insurance allows victims of auto accidents to have funds to cover their medical expenses, without having to file a claim with the courts.

Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Injured drivers who were not covered by personal injuryprotection (PIP), in Florida, could face significant delays before they can access funds to pay for their medical bills. This process was accelerated by personal injury protection. It eliminated the long delays that injured drivers faced while waiting to receive reimbursements for medical expenses.

Personal injury protection insurance provides no-fault coverage, which is one of its most important features. No-fault insurance policies allow injured parties to recover medical expenses and costs regardless of who was responsible for the accident. The driver who caused the accident should receive compensation for medical expenses. However, they must have the right level of personal injury insurance coverage.

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