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What Can a Lawyer Do for You That You Cannot Do for Yourself?

There is a saying somewhere that goes something like, ‘There are no stupid questions’, or, something along those lines anyway which is usually absolutely spot on. How would anybody learn if it weren’t for asking questions? This one though is teetering on the borderline, if however, you’ve never needed a lawyer then it’s perfectly valid, especially if, you can’t answer the following – What is legal advice?

In a nutshell

People can get themselves confused without the help of others and, with the growth of the Internet it really doesn’t help the scenario whereby the subject of receiving ‘professional legal advice’ turns into second or third hand information that may or may not be correct. In a nutshell, advice is a form of help that is provided to you either freely, or as part of a paid service. The help comes from a place of expertise, experience and from somebody who is qualified to help you in whichever given area, in this case, the law.

If your answer looks even remotely like the one above then you are on to a good start, although, there is much more to it than that, especially when it comes to the law which is probably one of the biggest, broadest subjects you could ever come across. As an example, the best family lawyer in Parramatta is going to be top of their game when it comes to family law, but, what about something like criminal law?

Years of study

The chances are, any decent firm will have more than one lawyer, so that they can help in various areas of legality, why? Because it would be near on impossible to expect one person to have all the desired expertise, qualifications, experience and knowledge of all areas within the law, and still be mentally capable of doing anything. Even for one specialist area of law such as criminal defence, you’d have to spend years of study at a university or such like in order to come anywhere close to having the same level of expertise that a criminal defence lawyer has.

Granted, you could learn on your own, to an extend but, you’d be missing a key area of expertise which is vital to the role of a lawyer and that is; context.

Knowing how

Unfortunately, knowing some information just isn’t enough, especially in a court, the whole point of a lawyer is that they are your representative, they will know when and how to pull certain cards in order to swing things in your favour.

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